Fire Research Scenelight, Focus, 750W120V, SM, psh/up

0.00 LBS

FOCUS Side Mount Focus Scenelight - 750W

120V - Side Mount Push/Up Pole


The FOCUS (FCA) low profile lampheads are designed to focus 100% of the light directly onto the scene. The patented curved reflector has over 50 parabolic surfaces to eliminate wasted light. They redirect all of the light produced and focus it evenly into the action area. This allows the FOCUS to put all of the light onto the scene, providing more light close to the vehicle as well as being brighter at a distance.


The Side Mount Push-Up pole has a outer tube that qualifies as a NFPA compliant handrail. This grab-handle is grooved to provide a secure grip even when wearing gloves. The standard outer tube is 20" long. The pole is raised from the bottom by pushing it up with the knurled handle.

Model 530 Telescopic Pole -Side Mount, Push Up

•    Two standard side mount brackets are provided:

•    3.5" offset with Focus lampheads;

•    The outer tube is grooved aluminum extrusion and qualifies as an NFPA compliant handrail.

•    The standard outer tube is length 20" and allows the lamphead to raise 30", choosing an optional 10" outer tube allows for a 40" extension.

•    At the bottom of the extension pole is a knurled aluminum push up handle.