commodities-banner-all-615x154.jpg is a leading supplier of various products including oil and gas, metals (ore, iron, steel, aluminum), sugar, rice, cooking oils, meats (pork, beef, turkey, fish, and chicken), wheat, flour, soya beans, teas, and coffee to both domestic and International customers. To learn more about our commodities process, click here.

We are pros at negotiating Letters of Credit and various banking instruments for payment; ensuring that all banking and supply protocols are in place for a smooth and seamless logistics experience. has a wide range and network of agents and suppliers globally, that look to us to source, trade and provide products and solutions. Our operating footprint spans the globe, serving clients from Hong Kong to Tema, from Oakland to Europe, from the Americas to the Middle East.  Our office links North American products to markets in Africa, The Middle East and both Latin and South America markets respectively.