Cat 793F Standard

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270,000.00 LBS

The colossal Caterpillar 793 is one of the coolest pieces of heavy machinery on the planet. Traditionally powered by immense 16-cylinder engines churning out over 2000 HP, we're now being told by Caterpillar that a new electric-drive version is on the way. But don't think that means it's going soft. The new 793F AC can carry about 250 tons of junk in its trunk, and that's just the entrylevel model. The burly 795F AC can take about 400 tons. That's like having Arnold Schwarzenegger possessed by Al Gore...all while on horse steroids. Press release below the jump. To clarify, the original photo (which you can still see below, since it's so awesome) is actually a Komatsu, not a Caterpillar. The above photo is now an actual Cat 793.

When designing its mining trucks, Caterpillar has three key objectives: safety, service and performance. The 793F delivers all three. From enhanced safety features like ground level service and 600-mm-wide / 24-in-wide stairways, to the increased performance and improved fuel efficiency delivered by the Tier 2 compliant C175-16, the 793F delivers more. And it's available in a wide variety of configurations to meet the needs of any mine site.


Rated Payload 226.8 tonnes / 250 tons
Engine Model Cat® C175-16
Gross Power - SAEJ1995 1 976 kW / 2,650 hp
Net Power - SAEJ1349 1 848 kW / 2,478 hp
Gross Machine Weight 386 007 or 390 089 kg / 851,000 or 860,000 lb